The Art of Being Me: Transforming Negative Self-Image (Digital)

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The Art of Being Me: Transforming Negative Self-Image was developed to support participants in experiencing liberation in the areas of negative opinions and images of self. The curriculum has been skillfully designed to be utilized by Facilitators, and includes guided activities meant to encourage focus on one’s strengths and values, while shifting self-esteem in a positive direction; a combination meant to aid in the promotion of a healthy relationship with self.

Therefore, participants of this course will experience the following:  
       A sense of authentic connection to self
       Improvement in self-awareness
       Reduction in negative thinking
       Calming effects to the body
       Gratitude towards self
       Techniques to help calm the mental noise
The techniques employed throughout the course include meditation, journaling, and creating positive affirmations in a fun and engaging manner, which helps each participant to cultivate the beauty of being his/her authentic
This digital copy contains a facilitator manual, journal and guided meditation tracks.
ISBN-10:   0-9852975-4-9
ISBN-13:   978-0-9852975-4-1

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ISBN-13:   978-0-9852975-2-7
Music Tracks

  1. Introduction to the Art of Being Me
  2. Introduction to the Practice
  3. Best Self
  4. Appearance to others
  5. Change
  6. Natural Self