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Guided Meditations for the Busy Woman 
The fast pace of day to day living creates stress and burn out. Meditation is a great way to steady the mind and relax the body. This is a collection of short guided meditations designed for busy people with an interest in experiencing the benefits of meditation, yet do not feel they have enough time to commit to the practice and aren't  sure of how to get started.  The collection begins with an introductory track leading to tracks that support meditation throughout the day. Morning, Midday, Bedtime ending with a guided meditation of a journey which allows an opportunity to release. There are unguided moments to promote complete relaxation.

Music Tracks

1. Introduction

2. Introduction to Practice  Meditation

3. Morning Meditation

4. Midday Meditation

5. Bedtime Meditation

6. A Journey to release. Meditation

Lyrics by Glenda Bundy. Music by Jessup/Salvolko. Layout by Lavi Co Photography

ISBN-10:   0-9852975-8-1

ISBN-13:   978-0-9852975-8-9

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